TCS Motorsports Budget Gen4 3SGTE 3" Downpipe

TCS Motorsports Budget Gen4 3SGTE 3" Downpipe
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Product Description

When you purchase a Gen4 3SGTE engine to swap into your vehicle, one of the first things you'll notice is that the stock downpipe isn't like the MR2 Downpipe! In order to put this engine in your car, you either have to modify your exhaust to fit the factory downpipe (who wants to do that!? You'll never be able to go back at that point, and you'll have to modify every single exhaust you put on your car if you decide to change exhausts down the road... or you had to buy an expensive full downpipe ($300+) to fit the gen4 engine.

The TCS Motorsports Budget Gen4 3SGTE Downpipe comes in extremely handy for those wanting to perform the Gen4 Swap themselves, and are willing to send us their factory downpipe to modify.

Reasons to buy the TCS Budget Gen4 downpipe?

1. It eliminates the restrictive factory catalytic converter

2. It bolts directly up to any MR2 Exhaust system

3. It's 1/2 the cost of a full downpipe!

4. You get cool TCS stickers in the box!

Typical turn-around time for these is 7-10 days once we receive your factory downpipe in the mail to modify.

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