TCS Motorsports 3SGTE Water Neck

TCS Motorsports 3SGTE Water Neck
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Product Description

TCS Motorsports 3SGTE Water Neck
The long awaited TCS Motorsports 3SGTE Water Neck is finally here! After years of modifying the stock cast aluminum water necks, we have finally produced a solution that no longer requires the use of the stock piece!

The TCS Water neck replaces the factory water neck top that is located on the drivers side of the 3SGTE. It bolts directly to the lower water neck, and allows you to remove the ugly OEM fill hose/cap that comes from the factory.

This piece REALLY cleans up the engine bay! Our water neck will bolt directly onto the gen2 or gen3 3SGTE lower water neck, and can still retain the factory coolant lines (or upgrade to one of the TCS Coolant hardline delete hoses to clean up the engine bay even more!)

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