Stage 2 Clutch Kit

Stage 2 Clutch Kit
Item# 16-061-HDKV

Product Description

Clutch Masters Stage 2 Clutch Toyota MR2 2.0L 90-95

This clutch offers comparable torque capacity as Stage 1, but provides exceptionally smooth engagement & extended life. This is due to the full-face Kevlar disc. This clutch is designed for the daily driver that desires smooth & effortless transitions. Kevlar clutch kits require a break-in period of 500-750 miles under normal driving conditions.

Stage 2 Clutch Masters Clutch Features:

-Extra long life street system -Holding capacity 70% over stock

-Heavy-Duty reinforced pressure plate

-Hi-Leverage pressure ring design

-Sprung hub/cushioned disc

-Steel backed Carbon Kevlar friction material

All Clutch Masters systems come complete with:

-Pressure Plate

-Clutch Disc

-Throw-out Bearing (when applicable)

-Pilot Bearing or Bushing (when applicable)

-Alignment Tool

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