DOC Race Top Mount Exhaust Manifold

DOC Race Top Mount Exhaust Manifold
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Product Description

DOC Race Top Mount Exhaust Manifold

Introducing the DOC Race Topmount Exhaust manifold for all generations of the 3sgte!

All DOC Race Manifolds are designed to extract the most horsepower out of your 3sgte powered vehicle. All Manifolds are hand made in the USA and are flanged to fit T3 based turbochargers as well as a Tial MVS 38mm wastegates. These manifolds will even fit up to a GT30R turbocharger and still retain the use of the factory X-brace!

We at TCS have been searching for just the right people to parter with to bring our customers the very best when it comes to turbo kits. We will be stocking all generations of the DOC Race manifolds (gen2/gen3/gen4) and are happy to piece together a complete turbo kit to suit your needs!

Feel free to email us at if you would like a detailed quote for a full turbo kit, or go ahead and order just the pieces you need! We can also custom fabricate intercooler piping and just about anything else you could ever want to complete your setup!

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