Clutchmasters Ultimate 3sgte Stage 4.5 Clutch

Clutchmasters Ultimate 3sgte Stage 4.5 Clutch
Item# CM45
Regular price: $499.99
Sale Price: $449.99

Product Description

This is quickly becoming the clutch of choice for our customers in the 300-500whp range. This clutch has EXCELLENT driveability (easy on the leg!), no chatter, and is able to hold great power! If you were contemplating buying ANY aftermarket clutch that is not OEM, this is the clutch to get. Unless you are making over 500whp, you do not need anything more than this clutch kit!

This clutch is not an off the shelf clutch, it is made to order for us. This clutch will come with a 6 puck UN-sprung disc. No more worrying about a clutch failure due to a sprung disc.

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